Author Support

Author-Support Services: 

  • All that is included in editorial and writing services plus
  • Manuscript critique
  • Hardcopy and electronic transcription
  • E-publishing formatting and guidance
  • . . . and more

Sample Academic Transcription Project:

Interview with Scientist Who Helped Design the H-Bomb: American Institute of Physics Oral History Transcript — Dr. Richard L. Garwin
Services Provided: Transcribed several-hour recorded interview by Kenneth W. Ford, Ph.D. with Dr. Garwin, requiring extensive web searches for scientific names and citations
Client Comment (Dr. Ford): “You did a fantastic job of getting the names correct and finding and footnoting relevant references. Good work!”

Leonid_Pasternak_The Passion of Creation_19th C
Featured Image: “The Passion of Creation” – Leonid Pasternak, 19th c

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