While our site is in development, please see Ellipsis Editing if you need prompt support. Thank you.

EDITINGCopyediting, substantive editing, content editing, developmental editing, pre-publishing cleanup, e-formatting, book proposals, multi-author volume management, production coordination … MORE

WRITING: Rewriting, content development, mentoring, ESL assistance … MORE

AUTHOR SUPPORTManuscript critique, hardcopy or electronic transcription, background research, e-publishing formatting and guidance … MORE

ESL EDITING & TUTORING<: Support for academics needing to publish in English and for individuals seeking to learn or improve their English-language skills … MORE

Sample Edits & Rates:

SAMPLE EDITS are available at discounted rates to gauge whether we are a good author-editor team. CONTACT US for details.

PROJECT RATES are negotiable based on needs. A guide to general editorial rates is available HERE.

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